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Format SXW - StarOffice Writer Document

SXW is a file format used by StarOffice Writer, which was later adopted by Writer. This format was primarily used for text documents and supports rich text, images, tables, and other complex formatting. Although it has been largely replaced by the ODT format, SXW files can still be opened and converted using software like LibreOffice.

Format ODT (Open Document Text

The ODT (Open Document Text) format is an open-source file format used primarily by OpenOffice and LibreOffice for word processing documents. It is based on the OpenDocument XML standard, which ensures compatibility across different software platforms. ODT files can contain text, images, tables, and other formatting elements. They are known for their flexibility and ability to be opened and edited by a wide range of word processing programs, not just those from Microsoft. ODT is a preferred format for users who prioritize open standards and interoperability.

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