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Format HCOM (Huffman Compressed Apple Sound)

HCOM is an old sound format used on early Macintosh computers. It employs Huffman coding for data compression, which was a method to reduce file sizes by encoding data in a more efficient manner. HCOM files were primarily used for storing sound data in a compressed form to save disk space while maintaining audio quality. This format was popular during the early days of digital audio processing on Macintosh systems but has since become obsolete with the advent of more advanced and efficient compression techniques.

Format FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)

FLAC is a lossless audio format that stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It compresses audio files without any loss of quality, which means that the audio is preserved exactly as it was originally recorded. This makes FLAC a preferred format for audiophiles who seek the highest fidelity in their music collections. Additionally, FLAC is an open-source format, making it free to use and supported by a wide range of devices and software. Despite its larger file size compared to lossy formats, its ability to maintain perfect sound quality makes it ideal for archiving music and other audio content.

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