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Format DOC

DOC is a file format for word processing documents, originally developed by Microsoft for use with Microsoft Word. It was the default format for Word documents until the 2007 version, when it was replaced by DOCX. DOC files contain text, images, and formatting information, and use a proprietary binary format. Despite being largely superseded by DOCX, the DOC format is still widely used and supported by many word processing applications.

Format RTF (Rich Text Format)

The RTF (Rich Text Format) is a cross-platform document file format developed by Microsoft. It is used for exchanging text documents between different word processing programs and operating systems. RTF supports text formatting, images, tables, and other document elements, making it versatile for various applications. Despite its simplicity, RTF is powerful enough to maintain the structure and formatting of complex documents. It is commonly used for transferring documents that need to be opened and edited on multiple platforms without losing formatting.

Brief description of the service

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